Visual Moodiness

August 14, 2014

Data Security, Conceptual

I was working on a booklet-style brochure that featured full page photographic images to compliment the copy on the facing pages. I searched a library of stock photography looking for images that were slightly abstracted by being close-up, detailed cropped shots to enhance the generalized concepts they would evoke in the viewer's imagination.

One selection was chosen because of its range of color and level of obscurity. When I added it to the booklet, it overpowered the other photos in saturation and color intensity. I had to continue searching for just the right visual that would keep the spirit of variety throughout the pages while matching the lighting levels of the other photos.

This incident reminded my that you have to keep in mind the relationship between the images in a given layout project. Some projects may be able to support a wider diversity in graphics, but the "rules" I had set for myself in this brochure dictated adherence to keeping a particular mood running throughout.

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