Shape of Things

January 2, 2015

New Amsterdam Gin Bottle

While restocking my bar for the past holiday season, the cashier asked if I had tried the New Amsterdam brand of gin. I admit I had seen it on the shelf in passing, but never got around to trying it. Later, I did buy a bottle to sample. I like gin, but I found New Amsterdam's to be low on juniper (why I like gin) and high in citrus. While I'm not a big fan of the contents, I absolutely LOVE the bottle.

They start with a rectangular pillar in the palest of bottle green and then prism-cleave the four corners away. This gives the silhouette "broad shoulders" and a "tapered waist" illusion. This also makes the bottle look taller. The basic squared column is left intact, allowing more compact shelf storage than a rounded bottle of the same height might allow. A visual sophistication has been achieved, helping the product to haughtily stand out among its other price-point competitors.

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