March 14, 2017

Wow! The title of this entry just came to me as I was starting to write... It's a play on Tom Browne's "Funkin' for Jamaica," an old-school funk jam (with guest vocals by Tonni Smith, though I always thought it was Chaka Khan).

But I'm already digressing. The point is that lately, I've been making regular trips to the various antique/vintage/resale/thrift establishments in the nearby neighborhood of Andersonville. I seek out found objects to turn into sculpture, home decor and other creations. Sometimes, the browsing yields only inspiration, but that is its own "treasure." Then I have to start the process of creating, usually hopping between projects when I feel that more additions or edits are required. Sometimes I get stuck as I figure out how to overcome some hurdle in the design and development process. I can feel when I'm ready to finally say, "This one's done."

The pictured lamp above was created by assembling discarded circuit boards together, then fashioning a six-armed bracket out of craft wire to attach as a shade from the hanging lamp kit. It is available for purchase through my shop at Etsy.

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