April 14, 2017


(From the documentary Flow Affair by Wolfgang Busch of Art From the Heart, 2010)

Having met and worked with director and videographer Wolfgang Busch through the "How Do I Look" community empowerment project, it was discovered that a new art form was emerging, worthy of its own distinctions beyond just "Vogueing with a Prop." If Fate had any say, then it was truly destined for these our creative minds to cross paths. Originally, each was oblivious to the other: while Wolfgang was busy on the East Coast in New York, networking and cross-pollenating communities (as has been a good part of his work over the last decade or so), I was in the Midwest, helping to get the Harlem Vogue and House Ball format established in Chicago in the early 90s.

Wolfgang introduced members of the Flagging/Fanning community to the decendants of the Harlem Ball Circuit (still continuing the decades-old Harlem Renaissance traditions). I had stumbled upon the vogueing craft and community of New York via music video and worked at honing my skills over the years. I also caught fleeting glimpses of the leather-clad fan dancers from the early Chicago Pride Parades and wondered how I could learn more. In both cases, it was tough to procure information, except for the occasional archived footage that could be gleened (think How To Wear Out a VHS Tape). Or the single internet lead from halfway around the world that finally explained in detail how to deconstruct/reconstruct the fans. But soon, I would combine both disciplines in an effort to "use everything I got."

As some of the neo-purveyors of Flogueing were starting to adopt the form into their repertoire (circa 2010ish), it was decided among a few key NY Ballroom veterans that I should be dubbed Honorary Grand Daddy of the movement. I graciously accepted.

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