Website 101

July 10, 2015

Green Acres Portrait

Many people will pay for a web address and then hold on to it until they find a web designer/programmer. This is perfectly fine, but be sure to get your web hosting from that SAME source. To understand how the process works, think of a web hosting service as a landlord and your designer/programmer as a construction company. You want to build a “house” on one of the landlord’s “lots.” The “address” is important, only because it helps visitors to find the house, but without the lot to build upon, you’re just wandering around carrying blueprints and a “Home, Sweet Home” placard. You need a place to “park” and establish residence. The Web is “land, stretching out so far and wide,” to borrow a "Green Acres" reference. Where will you take up residence?

Now, when you purchase your “.com,” it is not yours forever. Be sure you understand the terms of the agreement and how long you have before you have to renew domain usage. There are many entities lying in wait, just searching for opportune moments when a URL holder forgets to extend his subscription. They will snatch up the expired URL and resell it to the highest bidder. In most cases, the “highest bidder” is the individual who has established identity around the domain name: YOU. Losing access to an established domain is costly desperation, and the vultures are counting on you, the original domain holder, to pay a steep price to get it back.

So, when securing a URL or domain name for a new website, it is imperative that you purchase the website hosting from the same source. All your notifications and alerts will then be coming from one place and will be easier to maintain. Otherwise, you’ll have to rely on strong organization skills to keep up with multiple sources.

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