Design, Made Cheesy

August 25, 2017

Assorted Squeeze Cheese Platter

I finally came to the realization that I'm (somewhat of) a cheese snob. While perusing a "dollar store" for treasures to complete my setup for an outdoor movie screening of "The Blues Brothers," I decided to give an off-brand can of squeeze cheese a chance. I took it with, but never did open it until I attended an outdoor screening of "Steel Magnolias." OMG!, it was MMG! (as so many things that are bad for you usually are).

But who knew that design could emanate from a can of cheese? When you really think about it, it has the potential visually be no different from professional cake icing. Every time you casually apply that creamy goodness to a crisp or cracker, you get an uncalculated variance of undulating contours. You may even see an apparition!

So first, I was taken aback by the legitimate cheesiness of it all (at least taste-wise) and then noticed the abstract incantations that flowed from the can nozzle as I applied "paint to canvas." I compare it to lying on your back in the grass and identifying shapes in the clouds. Mostly, I enjoyed the organic spontaneity of form and texture.

Results? I will add flourishes from a can of squeeze cheese to my next charcuterie board layout. And if anyone has anything to say, I will meet him or her in the words of “Hogan’s Heroes” Colonel Klink… "Diiiiiiismissed!"

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